Attendance Software

Attendance is an affordable, flexible solution that connects the people, information and processes that help you manage your business more effectively. This Package has been developed to cater to the needs of all the companies to help them mange the daily attendance of the people working

Main Objectives

  • To maintains the Attendance, tour and the leave details of the employees
  • To keep a track on the movement of the employees
  • To generate various important reports that provides valuable information to the top level management
Main Features

The Attendance Application provides a numbers of features that helps an organization to keep a track on its employees, their movement both within the organization and outside while they are on tour or leave.

  • Keeps track on the daily attendance, leave details of the employees
  • Maintains the movement register of each and every employee while they are on tour
  • Maintains the details of the employees who have resigned
  • Provides the administrator a full control over the module and allows him to make changes into the attendance details, input the leave details of the employees going on leave and tour details in case the employee goes out on official tour.
  • Generates various important reports like the daily and monthly attendance register, the leave report, late comers report, employees special timings report, daily report relating to the number of hours spent by each employee within the organization, holidays report, etc.
  • Generation of reports in user-defined formats and reduce the paper work
  • Export of reports in various formats such as RTF, HTML, Excel, Lotus, Word Document, etc.
  • Menu-Driven and user friendly Programs
  • Emailing of generated reports from the application itself
Inputs To The Package
  • Holiday Details 
  • Different Employee Timings 
  • Out of Office 
  • Default Timings for the Employees 
  • Tour Details 
  • Leave Details 
  • Attendance 
  • Administrator Details 
Report Generated
  • Attendance Report 
  • Employee-Wise Tour/ Leave Details 
  • Attendance Register 
  • List of Holidays 
  • Daily Attendance Report 
  • Project Manager-Wise Attendance Report 
  • Employees Coming After Time 
  • Employee Multiple timing 
  • Employee Total Working Hours 
  • Employees Coming Late (Monthly) 
  • Employee Monthly Attendance Details 

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